Saturday 19th November 2005 Panthic Weekly News Bureau 'Baba' Daljit Singh (File Photo) EXCLUSIVE Chicago (KP) The Editors can be reached at

On the night of November 17 at 11:20p.m a member of the Chicago Sikh Sangat received a phone call informing him that the van of self-styled 'Sant Baba' Daljeet Singh was at a local motel while the Sant was 'enjoying' himself in the company of a woman.

Upon receiving this information, members of the Sangat quickly got together and reached the motel location to expose the truth about Sant Daljeet Singh. The Sangat had been waiting for quite some time for the self-styled Sant to come out of his motel room, after which they contacted the area Police department.

After a long period, the Police finally managed to get the door open and members of the Sangat saw with their very own eyes Sant Daljeet Singh with another woman (who was not his wife) in the motel room together. Members of the Chicago Sikh Sangat blocked the van and all exit routes of the so-called Sant, while he made futile attempts to leave the motel. Upon finding no way out, he called the police himself, seeking their help in getting out of the motel and past the Sikh Sangat.

With the police having cordoned off the perimeter of the motel, the Baba finally had enough "courage" to face the waiting Sangat and hastily entered his van and sped off.

The Baba was reported so nervous that he dropped his white dastar multiple times, and was completely bare headed when he left the premises. The Sangat members present have provided signatures testifying to being eyewitnesses of this entire fiasco.

The Sikh Religious Society, Palentine and the sevadaars of the Khalsa Alliance reported that in the past they have warned various Panthic groups, Takhts, Jathedars Sahibans, and other leaders about the anti-Panthic activities of this Baba, but these warnings went unheeded.

"In the end, God Almighty has exposed the fraud and falsehood. Now we urge the Sikh Sangat and our leaders to wake up now and rid our Panth of this disease."

A Khalsa Alliance representative who has been agitating against the Baba for many years said that there should be a Panth-wide boycott of these Bhekhee Saadhs (show-off so-called saints) and anyone who associates with them. "These parasites have been planted by the Indian Government to destroy the Panth from within. It is our duty to expose them and warn to our community."

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In April 2006 the adulterous Baba escaped with slap on the wrist. The five-member Sikh inquisition consisting of so-called Jathedars/Singh Sahibs let their erstwhile friend with minimal punishment of dusting congregation's shoes, kerdah Pershad offering and Gurbani recitation at any of the Takhts. Charnjit Singh Bal