Scathing Criticism of Jats

Charnjit Singh Bal

On 02 Mar 2004 my learned Sikh brother Baldev Singh,, 316 R Glad Way, Collegeville, circulated the following message that heaped sever criticism on the Jat Sikhs. I am publishing the verbatim text of his message, with minimal format editing; and my response to his diatribes.

Film star Dara Singh, the President of all India Jat Mahan Sabha announced in Amritsar that Jats should be declared as backward group and 6% of the government jobs should be reserved for them, reported the Tribune of Feb. 26, 2004. My first reaction to this news was a big hearty laughter, but moments later I felt sadness and pity at depth of moral degradation to which the Jats have sunk. Since when the Jats were considered forward or advanced?

Waras Shah was a keen observer of the character of various tribes of Punjab and he devoted almost a page to the characteristics of Jats and most of them are negative. For instance:

jt jyf nw koeI gvwr if`Tw ijvyN Xwr nw koeI ispwhIAW dw [

jat jed na koee gvar ditha jiven yar na koee sipahian da.

No one can surpass a Jat in barbarity and no one is the friend of policemen.

j`t coh dw cUhw bxw lYNdy cly vs nw mwlkW sweIAW dw [

jat choh da chuha bna lande chale vas na malkan saeean da.

Jats can distort the meaning of a hill-stream into a mouse, which makes it impossible for the authorities (to get the truth out of Jats).

A Jat’s amorality comes out roaringly at the slightest external stimuli. Bal Nath told Ranjha that a yogi is not supposed to look at the face of a woman, so when you go begging for alms caste your glances downward at the feet of housewives. Rnajha retorted back angrily:

pqw huMdw jy r`nW QIN mnwNH krnw qyry it`ly qy Dwr nw mwrdw mYN [

pta hunda je rana theen mnah karna tere tilai te dhar na marda main.

Had I known that you would prohibit me from seeing women, I would not have pissed on your camp.

Dara Singh also announced that he is going to campaign for the BJP in the coming elections. He justified his support of BJP by saying that this party is good for the development of the country whereas the reality is that he was nominated to the upper house of Indian Parliament by BJP – a fascist organization.

Last year he backed out of the agreement at the last moment to rent his facility "Dara Studios" to the World Sikh Convention for holding the meeting on October 26, 2003, as he could not resist the pressure of the Barbarian Brigade and his benefactors – the BJP party. He played the role of Hanuman in the TV serial, Ramayan. Though the mythical Hanuman was able to encircle the entire island of Sri Lanka with his tail, Dara’s tail is not long enough even to cover his shameless face. Probably, Dara does not know the meaning of sharam (shame) or besharam (shameless) as both these words were added to the Punjabi language by the Muslim conquerors.

Baldev Singh

Baldev Singh Jee

Sat Sri Akal

Although I resent Dara Singh's advocacy to have Jats designated as a backward class, but I don't think your criticism of Jats is going to win you accolades or any friends except maybe Harjot Singh Oberoi of 'Construction of Boundaries' fame or infamy. I resent your criticism too of Jats, not because I am a Jat, but because it doesn't seem to serve any useful purpose. On the contrary it is going to abet further fragmentation of the international Sikh Community that is already embroiled in deleterious Factionalism.

The Sikhism does condemn deviant elements of a Race, Community, Culture or Society or its sub-category, but does not heap blanket criticism on it as a whole. Being a Jat I am aware of my community's strengths, weaknesses, shortcomings and faults, but then to my knowledge, no community can claim to pass the litmus test of perfection with flying colors.

Waris Shah wrote Heer in 1180 Hijri or 1765 AD. What he wrote two and a half centuries ago about the Jats may not be true today as I am pretty sure they have come a long way since then. During the Hinduism's nefarious caste system days the Jats, who belonged to the third tier, used to be deferent to the condescending higher caste Brahmins and Kashatrys. But now the roll reversal is quite pronounced.

I agree with you about Dara Singh's un-Sikh act of reneging on his commitment to let the Sikh Scholars and intelligentsia to hold conference on the premises of his studio.

Charnjit Singh Bal

Dear brother Charanjit Singh Ji, Sat Sri Akal,

I appreciate your prompt response to my letter abou Dara Singh.Dear brother think calmly and dispassionately about what I said, I did not say that all Jats are like Dara Singh. Brother one bad apple is too many for me! The problem with the Sikh community is that instead of exposing and criticising the criminal elements within our ranks we defend them and act as cheer leaders for them -- and come with this absurd argument that not all are bad. No sane person suggets that all are bad. It takes one apple to destroy the whole basket. Sikhs may deny it but I smell that the the "SIKh Basket" is pretty stinky. I am a trained scientist, I don't talk in vague terms or generalities. Here are some questions for you.

1) Do yo deny that that criminals Jats have takenover Sikh politics, religious and educatiobal institutions?

2) Do you deny that criminal Jats have been colaborating with Hindu leadership since 1947 to undermine Sikhism and Sikhs to line their own pockets?

3) Do you deny that crimnal Jats are mainly responsible for the blood bath of Sikhs during the last two decades?

4) Do you deny that most of the sant / baba are crimnal Jats? Sawan Singh Grewal, Randhur singh Grewal, Gurbachan Singh Khalsa of Damdami Taksal, the list is very long?

5) Do you deny that most of the crimes committed overseas by Sikhs are by Jats?

6) Since 1947, can you name any Jat Leader, whether politician or religious who is (was) a dscent human being what to speak of being a good Sikh?

Waras Shahh' observation about Jat behavior are very accurate, point a single one which does not apply to criminal or kanjar Jat. Waras made these obsevations only about two and a half century back, look how accurate was Hardotus, the Greek Historian who met the ancestors of so-called modern day jats on the steppe of central Asia. he said' "The Scythians, the ancestors of Jats used to drink the blood of their enemies." I do not know whether their descents, the modern Jats of Nothern India have regressed or advnced, but one thing is sure -- they drink the blood of their kith and kin. Have you not heard the angry expression of a Jat: O, I will drink your blood (O main tera lahoo pee jun). Similarly, when childer pester a mother (Jati) she screems, " these brats have sucked my blood."

It is high time that the vast majority of Sikh-jats who are descent, honest and hard working take a look at what is happening to their community and denounce and condemn the criminal elements within their ranks from every available platform at evry opportunity they get. Let us remove the cancereous mole from our beautiful and healthy body.

With deep love and respect to all of you.

Baldev Singh.

Baldev Singh Jee

Sat Sri Akal

I did not ask for your background. What I said was, "I don't know what community you belong to, but I am pretty certain there are Jat counterparts in it too", which is not the same as asking for your background. Never the less since you have volunteered your plausible background including qualifications and lineage and asked me to forward it to the people on my mailing list I am doing so by inserting its verbatim text below.

Unlike, you I have a humble academic background and Jat-Sikh lineage of which I am not particularly proud or ashamed because I wasn't given the option to be somebody other than what I am. More over I believe no individual, community, race, religious denomination or nation or its sub-category can be absolutely proud or ashamed in the final reckoning. As per Gurbani, 'He Himself (the God)' assigns noble/ignoble roles to people to play in the perpetual divine drama i.e. cycle of incarnation, mortality and reincarnation.

Personally, somebody using surname doesn't overly perturb me so long as one doesn't advance elitism or flaunt his lineage/genealogy and abets schism in the socio-religious structure. I am inclined to believe that surnames make it easier for the policing and intelligence services to identify the criminal individuals in the contemporary multicultural global societies.

Your assertion "peple who preach Sikhism from one side of their mouth have no compunction of displaying their Jatness or Khatriness from the other side of the mouth. And I have no problem exposing such hypocrites." proves Jats are not alone in displaying their identity. What made you to single out Jats as target of your invective blitz? Maybe, your comment, "For caste-intoxicated people Shiv Ling is there", is applicable to the caste intoxicated Jats only.

In view of your own admission, "I have shed most of my Jat-conscipuness, but not completely", who is the hypocrite, the Jat you accuse of caste intoxication, or you, the accuser who hasn't shed all of his Jat conspicuousness yet says "I have no problem exposing such hypocrites"?

Your logic "Eiher one is Jat or Sikh it is that simple or clear", is a total surprise to me because until now nobody told me I had to renounce my Jat identity to be a Sikh. The Gurbani advises a Brahmin to be a good Brahmin, a Muslim to be good Muslim and a Hindu to be a good Hindu, not to relinquish his ancestry. Nor does Gurbani advocate wholesale condemnation of a race, community, religious denomination or caste. In my opinion a true Sikh strives to bring about harmony amongst the numerous elements of the checkered mosaic of God's creation.

Sikh literally means a learner, disciple or seeker and being a Sikh is a progressive process of learning and adopting Guru's edification (Gurmut) that professes a Sikh to praise the Lord, earn an honest living and share with the destitute.

A humble Jat-Sikh

Charnjit Singh Bal

P.S. I am forwarding Sardar H. S. Virk's message,




Dear Brother Charan Jit Singh, Sat Sri Akal,

It seems that our dialogue is not very fruitful as you keep changing the subject instead answering my qestions. You did not ansewer a single question posed to you in my first reply to you. Let me ask you the following:

Who banned and burnt Kala Afgha's books? Who excommunicated Kala Afghana? Who excommunicated the editor of Spokesman? What were their faults? what harm they did to anyone? Their only fault is that they spoke the truth which is considered a crime among barbarians and criminals. Do you know any good Jat in Punjab who has condemned what the barbarians did to Kala Afghana and the editor of Spokesman. Even your friesnd Hardev Singh Virk who took reacetd angrily to my remarks about Jat criminals has not uttered a word of protest. What happened to all those good Jats you were talking about. Are they sleeping? Or they to don't like criticizing criminal Jats who have made the entire Sikh community as a laughing stock in the world. I hope that you would answer my questions instead of changing the subject.


Baldev Singh

Baldev Singh Jee

Sat Sri Akal

I find your attempt to accuse me of changing the subject rhetorical one-upmanship. I tried to respond to your scathing criticism of the Jats in a subtle way in accordance with my humble scholarship and Gurbani's cognizance. In my opinion the schismatic subject should never have been broached.

Since you castigated Dara Singh, “Last year he backed out of the agreement at the last moment to rent his facility "Dara Studios" to the World Sikh Convention for holding the meeting on October 26, 2003, as he could not resist the pressure of the Barbarian Brigade and his benefactors – the BJP party” how can you bluster accusations and ask, “Do you know any good Jat in Punjab who has condemned what the barbarians did to Kala Afghana and the editor of Spokesman?”

I do not know nor do I care as to how many Sikh scholars and intelligentsia whose letters were published in the Sikh Bulletin or those who participated in the conference were Jats, but I am inclined to believe that there were considerable number of them.

From your questions it seems you are living in a sublime or subliminal world of your own. According to my information you are at least a regular recipient of Sikh Bulletin that has published very many articles by numerous Sikh scholars supporting Gurbakhsh Singh Kala- Afghana and Spokesman editor Joginder Singh and condemning the illegitimate Sikh high priests i.e. self-aggrandizing Jathedars and Singh Sahibs.

As I have lived most of my life (including 33 years in the western World) outside Punjab and India, I do not know how many Jat Sikhs are "among the barbarians and criminals; Who banned and burnt Kala Afgha's books? Who excommunicated Kala Afghana? Who excommunicated the editor of Spokesman?" But I do know that not all barbarians and criminals are Jat Sikhs nor all Jat Sikhs are barbarians and criminals. I am told that Bhai Ranjit Singh and Bhai Puran Singh are not Jat Sikhs.

I recollect your e-mail telling me that you read my e-mails and articles. And if I remember correctly I sent you my article 'Excommunication of Sikh scholars'. If you had read the articles published in the Sikh Bulletin and on my Web Site you wouldn't have asked me all those feisty questions.

Considering my humble literary talent and my preoccupation with propagating Sikhism with the meager resources at my disposal through cyber space and print media I intend to end what you say 'our not very fruitful dialogue'. However I am going to publish verbatim text of our past and future correspondence titled 'Scathing Criticism of Jats' on my Web Site, hoping that some one from the e-mail recipients and/or my Web Site visitors with your literary caliber will pick up where I intend to leave off.

Charnjit Singh Bal

Baldev Singh Jee

Sat Sri Akal

I am obliged to respond to your last two e-mails with attachments (1) “the information about Jats” and (2) “An Open Letter to Hardev Singh Shergill: Editor of the Sikh Bulletin” because they belie your expressed intention, “Let us close the discussion on the scismatic (schismatic) subject”.

The first harangue named ‘Information’ reveals no new vital information about the positive or negative traits of Jats to me. The excerpts in it from some prejudicial authors inimical to Sikhism merely corroborate your own uncomplimentary view of Jats.

And the second "Please read the attached letter addressed to Hardev Singh Shergill, the editor of Sikh Bulletin and find out how 'people' use religion to pursue their own selfish agenda", equally lengthy, accusatory letter bears relevance to Jats only if one considers that the Sikh leaders, politicians, editors, Khalistanis, et al are all Jats. It bears no reference to the Jats particularly.

As I said at the very onset that Jats too have negative traits and criminal elements, obviously I am not defending the Jats. What I am defending is, the Sikhism’s liberal fundament that prohibits vociferous condemnation of a race, community, society, culture or tribe as a whole.

Vernacular words Kirsan, Wahikar, Jimindar, Kashtkar, Jat, Jaat are synonymous to word Jat. And Kirsani, Wahi, Jimindari or Kashtkari is an occupation that includes Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs. Do we lump Guru Nanak, who is said to have engaged himself in Kirsani, with the Jats who according to your opinion are scum of the earth?

Charnjit Singh Bal

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