Overt Invasion of Iraq

Charnjit Singh Bal

Until recently the US has not only covertly acquiesced the Pakistani State sponsored terrorist organizations’ subversions and atrocities in Kashmir and Afghanistan, but rendered covert support. The US has consistently vetoed the United Nations’ resolutions to censure Israel for killing and traumatizing innocent women and children during retaliatory incursions into the Palestinian Land to exact revenge on Palestinian terrorists since its Self-declaration of Jewish State on 15 May 1948 and annexation of Land in 1967 War. The Israel has demolished Palestinian homes with Rockets, expelled millions of Palestinians from the occupied Lands and built Jewish settlements. There can be no justification, even for a Nation engaged in a war on to terrorism to resort to counter-terrorism i.e. to massacre and expel innocent old men, women and children and render them homeless and destitute.

Now the President Bush’s administration is so obsessed with elimination of Saddam Hussein, occupation of Oil-rich Iraqi Land (OIL) and imposing US ideology on the Middle East, it refused to lend support to the Pentagon in censuring Saudi Arabia. “The Bush administration distanced itself from Pentagon briefing that described Saudi Arabia as a adversary of the United States and a backer of terrorism.” (The Vancouver Sun 15 Mar 2003).

Although the purported motives of the US lead coalition to invade Iraq are to liberate, disarm, democratize Iraq etc. but, as aptly discerned and vocalized by the liberal minded international political Pundits, the real motive of the neo-conservative Ideologues is the protracted covert agenda to install regimes subservient to Uncle Sam and its close allies in the Oil producing, quasi-theocratic Islamic Arab region of the Middle East. In a nutshell the primary motives are Oil & Ideology.

The first joint U.S.-British incursion into the Oil producing Arab world politics occurred in 1953 when the nationalist Iranian Prime Minister Mosadaq tried to take control and demand fair price for the Iranian Oil that was in the hands of U.S. and British multi-national Oil Companies. The powerful US-British Oil Consortium in collusion with the U.S. and U.K. governments prosecuted (rather persecuted) Mosadaq on trumped up charges. It is said that he was brought to the court on his deathbed, placed in isolated house arrest and replaced with the Shah Reza Pehalvi who was brought back from exile.

Ever since the Sun started to set on the mighty British Empire, the U.S. Imperialism started to rise. Since then there have been numerous alleged forays by the U.S. into the sinister world of international politics. The long array of the beneficiaries and/or victims of the suspected U.S subversions, assassinations and attempted assassinations include Germany’s Wilheim Kaiser, Japan’s Isoroku Yamamoto, Congo’s Patrice Lulumba, Chili’s Alende, Cuba’s Fidel Castro, Panama’s Manuel Noriega, Grenada’s Bernard Coard, Somali’s Mohamed Farah Aidid, Dominican’s Trujilo, Libya’s Moammar Gaddafi, Nicaragua’s Samosa, Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein et al.

The CIA’s covert and overt assassination attempts on the foreign leaders resulted in U.S. Senate investigation chaired by Senator Frank Church in 1976 and President Gerald Ford banning such actions. The banning Order 12333 that he signed and President Ronald Regan confirmed later states, "No person employed by or acting on behalf of the U.S. government shall engage in, or conspire to engage in, assassination."

Obviously the U.S. was not at war with Iraq nor was there an element of self-defense to justify President Bush’s battle cry to hunt and eliminate Saddam Hussein. The U.S. Order 12333 and the international law that prohibits assassination attempts on leaders of another country except during war or self-defense, over whelming anti-war world opinion, UN objections and lack of Security Council approval and support from the majority of Nations including the past staunch allies of the U.S. and U.K. should have deterred the coalition from invading Iraq.

Allah knows Saddam Hussein has lot to answer for the alleged atrocities towards the Iraqi Kurds, Shiites dissidents and Kuwaitis, but right now the Bush, Blair, Rumsfeld, Cheney Fleicher, Wolfwitz, et al clique seems to be incurring lot more rancor because of the plight of the innocent Iraqi victims of the war that has more to do with Oil and Ideology than their professed reasons. Judging by the worldwide outrage at the US lead war in Iraq these ultra Ideologues seem to have joined the past neo-conservative presidents Nixon, Johnson and Reagan, Macarthyism’s Senator Joe Macarthy and cold war zealous warrior US secretary of State John Foster Dallas, et al club.

The proactive pro-war advocates including the Alliance and Conservative Leaders, Vancouver Sun editorial writers, columnists, and letter writers either do not know or deliberately ignore the facts that the U.S. dilly-dallied for two years before lending support in 1917 to the British and Canada allies fighting First World War against Wilheim Kaiser’s Germany and Japan Coalition. And the U.S. might have sat on the fence during Second World War had not Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941.

As for their role in the UNO the U.S. and its post Second World War Side kick, U.K. must have vetoed scores of UN and Security Council resolutions meant to protect the emerging and developing nations from the subversive foreign forces and carpetbagger multi-national Corporations. Also, in the past there have been allegations of U.S. withholding its monetary share to the UNO.

Any good that might come out of this heinous war will be the blessings in disguise such as the liberation of the Kurdish people in the North and Shiite Muslims in the South. But the flip side of war outcome’s picture will be horrendous. Some of the innumerable casualties and fallouts will be, loss of precious life of thousands of combatants and innocent civilians including old folks, women and children, many more maimed, children orphaned, incalculable human misery, starvation, disease, loss of hope and purpose for survivors, loss of historical monuments, colossal vandalism of Iraqis’ personal and public property, criminal waste of non-renewable energy, break up of Iraq, instability of pro-war regimes due to overwhelming anti-war public outrage, tremendous loss to the global economy etc.

It is mind boggling to think that people can be liberated by operations decapitation, shock & awe and smart bombs. The terms like liberation, freedom, democracy etc. sound rather clichés when spoken in conjunction with war cries like decapitation, shock & awe, smart bombs etc. What are liberation, freedom and democracy going to mean to the people whose homes are blown to smithereens, loved ones killed, sick, old and children going without life sustaining necessities i.e. water, food, and medicine for weeks even months; or to the parents who have to flea for their lives with children in their arms or dragging them? Some are going have to live with trauma for the rest of their lives.

After the much touted regime change the new powers that be will certainly unleash vengeance on the present regime survivors who are not resourceful enough to escape with Saddam Hussein and his aristocratic elite. Those who face the reality of loss of hope and purpose on account of having lost the loved ones and every thing, will likely join the ranks of ‘nothing to lose’ desperadoes. Combined with the Islamic Jihad fervor they are going to be the potential recruits for the cadres of Terrorist Groups. And how are the contemporary crusaders going to foster secular democracy, especially the U.S. model, on a nation surrounded by monarchies, autocracies and dictatorships akin to Islamic quasi-theocracies?

The pending outcomes of this U.S.& U.K. coalition incursion into Iraq will be end of the UNO as we know now, new international political re-alignments, inevitable advent into Iraq of carpetbaggers, multi-nationals from coalition friendly nations and proselytizing Christian evangelists. Billy Graham’s son Franklin Graham is reported to be already in neighboring Jordan ready to orchestrate Christian charity to the destitute Iraqis.

Hopefully the UNO will be revamped that will have enough of its own peace making and/or peace keeping military Force to deal with any such military expeditions against a sovereign nation without explicit UN sanction in the future. And the regional nations might learn lesson to live together peacefully and/or have regional forces like the European  Union force to make and keep peace within their regions.

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